Court Cairn

I was very impressed with the wonderful location of the court tomb at Ally in County Tyrone. Situated about 50 metres from the Drumskinny to Drumquin road, the tomb sits in a clearing in Lough Braden Forest and is very accessible to most visitors. The images were taken from the back of the long gallery looking north towards the court.

The only remaining part of the roof is the lintel stone which has split in two. It is hard to say how many chambers existed, but towards the back of the cairn there is a subsidiary chamber with an eastern entrance. It is impossible to make out the forecourt, it been converted into a modern sheepfold. I would recommend some insect repellent, the place was swarming with annoying midges.

Situated: From Enniskillen take the A32 North to Kesh then the B64 to Ederny. Head North for Blacktown, after about 5 kilometres take a right turn for Drumquin, look for the waterworks on your right. Immediately after the waterworks there is a layby on your left. Take the small track up the hill, the tomb is on your right.

Google Map.

Discoverer Map 12: H 2577 7247. Last visit June 2005.

Longitude: 7° 36' 4" W

Latitude: 54° 35' 59" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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