Chambered Tomb

I am not sure about the correct classification for this dolmen. According to an 1802 account, this chamber was in the centre of a large cairn and approached along a lintelled passage. This suggests that it might be the remains of a passage tomb, but the chamber seems too low. Another theory is that it is a collapsed portal tomb. The portal stones may be missing or lying under the capstone. If the portal stones have fallen, then this may have been a tripod dolmen similar to two other tombs in County Down at Legananny and Ballykeel.

Situated: From Dundrum, County Down, head north on the A24 for 6 miles. Then turn right for Loughinisland. The dolmen is in the field on the right, just after the left turn for Drumaness.

Discovery Map 21. J 4280 4593. Last visit July 2013.

Longitude: 5° 48' 13" W

Latitude: 54° 20' 31" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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