Wayside Cross

This 17th century wayside cross was erected in remembrance of Florence Fitzpatrick-Finghín Mac Giolla Padráig, 3rd Baron of Upper Ossory and his wife Catherine More. It was built by their son Geoffrey and his wife, Lady Mary Riley. Florence, a son of Barnaby Fitzpatrick the 1st Baron, inherited the title, when his elder brother Barnaby died, in 1581. There is a badly worn inscription on the east and west face of the shaft, according to the inscription, Florence and his wife, died in 1613. It is very difficult to read, you need perfect light at a certain angle. Some of the letters are also quite different to what we use today. I would recommend a visit in the spring or autumn when the the sun is low, you will be surprised how much the lettering stands out on the shaft of the cross.

Situated: On the west side of the crossroads, about 150 metres south of Errill Church.

Discovery Map 60: S 2204 7795. Last visit Aug 2018.

Longitude:  7° 40' 22" W

Latitude: 52° 51' 8" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Ref: Carrigan, Wm. “The Wayside Cross at Errill, Queen's County, and Its Inscriptions.” The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, vol. 14, no. 2, 1924, pp. 147–151. JSTOR,

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