Portal Tomb

If you live in Dublin and wish to visit megalithic sites you do not, as you may think, have to travel too far. Situated in and around the Dublin suburbs are many sites of interest including this small 'Cromlech', which is standing in the middle of a green situated on a housing estate.

Although appearing to be in good condition, some of the side stones and a backstone are missing. The capstone is over 2 metres in length and approximately 2 metres wide. The portal stones are about 1.5 metres high.

As you can see, from the image above, the underside of the capstone is completely flat with quartz veins running through it. This megalithic tomb is well worth a visit, even if only to see the odd situation it is now standing in.

This quaint megalith has existed for some four and a half thousand years, but sadly the capstone has been vandalised and is now covered in graffiti. I wonder if this appealing tomb can survive another thousand years.

Situated: West of the Ballybrack-Bray Road, as you come to a roundabout you will see a stone marked Cromlech Fields, you can see the portal tomb.

Discovery Map 50: O 2533 2328. Last visit Feb 2008.

Longitude: 6° 7' 20" W

Latitude: 53° 14' 42" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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