Ballyhoneen / Baile Uí Uaithnín

Wedge Tomb

On our way back to Dingle, from the Early Christian site on Illauntannig, we decided to visit the amazing wedge tomb at Ballyhoneen. The monument consists of a narrow, four metre long wedge-shaped gallery, with two over-lapping roof stones. To the west of the tomb, on the south side there is a rectangular outlier. During a survey by Cuppage in 1986 three of the gallery stones found to bear rock art. We show a few images of he rock art below. Unfortunately the weather got progressively worse during our visit, so the quality of the rock art images, shown below, is not good.

Pictured above is the north side of the tomb looking south . You can just make out a waterfall in the distance, above the flat roof stone. The long grass was actually soaking wet, but the west end of the tomb is open and you can see some rock art on the middle orthostat on the south side of the gallery. A line of twelve shallow cup marks can be seen running along the western edge of the east roof stone, see image below.

The roof stones

Giant Turtle

Pictured above is the single cup and ring motif on the middle orthostat, on one of Jose's images I noticed an unrecorded shallow cup mark to the southwest of the ring. The image below left shows some of the cup marks along the side of the roof stone. Also a single cup mark lies, just below a penannular circle, in the centre of the outer surface on the large roof stone.

Line of cup marks

Taken on Jose's previous visit

Situated: From Stradbally head west on the R560. After 7.5 K take a left turn. Go up through the farm gate and park after the next gate. Walk up the hill and take a right turn after the trees, then about 150 metres take a right. You should see the tomb from here.

Discovery Map 71: Q 5277 0817. Last visit July 2021.

Longitude: 10° 09' 16.7" W

Latitude: 52° 12' 21.4" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey and José Gutiérrez.

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