Rock Art

Wow !!!! What an amazing boulder, this stone was originally located in a field a few kilometres away from it's present location, the stone was dug up and then placed in the hedge-row. Recently the landowner moved it from there to his garden in Roundwood. The stone is over a metre in length and also over 1/2 a metre wide, the upper surface bears at least fifteen cup-marks, some of these cup-marks are quite deep. One of the cups is surrounded by a ring and next to it is a pair of cups encircled with two joined rings forming a figure eight, see image below. To the narrow end of the boulder is a row of three cup-marks of which two are also surround by another eight shaped ring. I do think it is possible there may have been more rings on this stone that may have weathered.

There are also two almost parallel grooves located on the top surface either side of the cup-marks. This petroglyphic boulder is not to be missed.

Situated: From Roundwood head south on the R755, after at Roundwood GAA sports grounds on your left, the stone is located to the left of the last bungalow before the sports grounds. Please ask for permission to visit the stone.

Discovery Map 56:O 1872 0261. Last Visited Feb 2008.

Longitude: 6° 13' 44" W

Latitude: 53° 3' 40" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey

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