Barnes Lower

Rock Art

I have wished to visit these stones for a few years now, but sadly the weather and especially the light took a turn for the worse, also the timing of my visit was wrong. The best time to visit these stones is late morning as the sunlight shows up the many cup marks on the east face of the larger stone, pictured left. Many of these cup marks also have large rings. The largest stone is 1.8 metres square. The smaller pointed one is also decorated with cup marks, but on this stone it is the west face that is decorated. There is also an inscribed cross present on the smaller stone. I shall definitely try to visit again soon on a better day and at a more advantageous time. There are also a number of other standing stones worth visiting in the vicinity including the stone row at Lough Salt.

Situated: From Kilmacrennan take the N56 north to Kilmacrennan. Drive straight through staying on the N56 for another 7 kilometres, take a right turn after Fawans. The Stones are 1 kilometre up this road on your right.

Discovery Map 2: C 1071 2444. Last visit Apr 2010.

Longitude:7° 49' 56" W

Latitude: 55° 4' 2" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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