Bocan Stone Circle

AKA Glackadrumman

As we drove towards the stone circle i got quite excited as I could see the upright stones breaking the horizon on their hilltop perch and I couldn't wait to get up the hill to see them close-up. Upon approach it was a bit disappointing to see that only seven upright stones remain. In 1816 there were 12 stones standing. Four upright stones remain on the east side, two of which are larger than the rest (approximately 2 metres tall) and probably mark the entrance to the circle, providing an alignment of south east- north west.

The three remaining uprights on the west side of the 20 metre wide circle are less than 1.5 metres tall and were a part of what appeared to be an area “littered” with out-of-place stones. Whether these stones were a part of a ring cairn or if they were stones pulled from the field by the generations that worked the land is not clear. But what is clear is that the location commanded extensive views of Inishowen and Trawbrega Bay which would provide a perfect backdrop for ceremonies. Although the circle is very ruined a trip to Bocan is still recommended even if just to see the fabulous location.

Situated: From the Church in Bocan head south towards Gleneely. take the first left and stop at the first field gate on your left. The circle is about 100 metres into this field.

Google Map.

Discovery Map 3: C 543 476. Last visit April 2010.

Longitude: 7° 8' 44.14" W

Latitude: 55° 16' 20.49" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey and Deb Snelson.

View looking East

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