This website features megalithic, Early Christian, medieval and fortified sites we have visited around Ireland.  This year we have added sites to 10 different counties. Please check back as we add pages for these locales. A huge thanks to Marcus for all his help with our latest clickable MAP. There are two ways to navigate the site.  To the left is a list of counties in Ireland.  Each county name expands to a listing of (clickable) sites in that county. The links in the header (top of the page) lead to alphabetical lists sorted by type of monument, all of which can be clicked to take you right to the listed site. We have also added a map featuring Ireland's Round Towers to our Early Christian pages.  The ogham stone page is continually updated and the High Cross section of this site can be accessed separately.

We hope you enjoy your exploration of our site, and we welcome your comments!  Please respect that great effort is made to bring you high quality images to aid in locating the most important features of a site. These images are copyrighted and are not be used without the permission of the photographers.  Thank you!


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Passage tombs

Standing stones

Latest updated 12th March 2023

Hi everyone, I moved house recently so the website was put on the back boiler for awhile, José has been quite busy visiting various sites around the country, meaning I have a lot of catching up to do. I will eventually get back into the full swing of things. Thanks for visiting the site, Jim.

Latest updates: Tipperary: Old Parish Church, Cahir Kerry: Ballyhoneen Wedge Tomb, Kilshannig Cross Slab, and Aglish ogham stone. Kildare: Clane Table-tomb. Wexford: St Machain's Well

Early Christian and Medieval

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