Stone circle and Boulder burial

At last I managed to get to the this fabulous site, I tried to visit here last year but my approach was all wrong. The best and only way to get to this location is from the east. This circle is without doubt one of the most impressive sites I have visited. As I wandered up the hill from the milking shed the sun was beating down on the lush grass, just an electric fence and a few calves between me and the stones. When I reached the circle some menacing dark clouds came over and the stones appeared to hide in the long grass, but after a few minutes the sun found its way through the clouds and lit up the stones against the dark hills in the background, it was just perfect.

There are nine of the original thirteen stones still standing, including two wonderful portal stones, pictured above left, they are almost 2 1/2 metres high and set radially along an east west axis with the recumbent stone. The round recumbent was not set into the ground but rather lay on it supported by chocking stones.

Boulder Burial

About 8 metres to the east of the circle is a boulder burial with a capstone weighing around twenty tons. There are several cup marks on the top of the capstone. If you are in the area make this site a must visit you will be well rewarded.

Boulder Burial

Situated: From Ross Carbery take the the N71 east, drive over Temple Bridge passed the turn for Reanascreena, then take the next left turn up to a milking shed. I visited around six in the evening and the cows were coming in for milking so I was able to ask permission to visit the site. The circle is through the gate on the right hand side of the shed and in the field to your left .

Discovery Map 89: W 3070 3690. Last visit May 2007.

Longitude: 8° 59' 59" W

Latitude:  51° 34' 50" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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