Liberties of Carlingford

Medieval Carving

The remains of a 16th century medieval house standing within its own burgage plot on Newry Street holds a surprise only discovered if you are looking up. Barely noticable embedded in the south gable is a medieval carving of a human head. It is believed that it was originally located in the Dominican Priory in Carlingford. At some stage a brim-like slate was inserted above the head and below the rock above, changing the appearance of the carving. Subsequently, the head became known locally as "De Gaule".

Situated: Very easy. From Market Street in Carlingford head north to Newry Street. Look for the house pictured left. The carving is on the gable of the adjoining house.

Google Map

Discovery Map 36: J 1873 1185. Last visit July 2013.

Longitude: 6° 11' 14" W

Latitude: 54° 2' 32" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey..

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