Chronology of some Irish Sites featured on Megalithic Ireland

The dates for the Prehistory sites are the generally accepted dates + or - 150, but these dates are often changed as our knowledge increases. The Swedish archaeologist Dr. Goran Burenhult excavated several sites at Carrowmore recently and a controversial date for tomb 4 of 5400 - 4600 BCE was recovered. Based on Burenhult's research and later excavations, most Irish archeologists believe that Carrowmore is an early site from around the time mesolithic hunter-gatherers were turning into neolithic farmers.


Neolithic Period (Ireland c.4,000 - c.2000 BCE)

World Sites
Carrowmore Megalithic Complex, Sligo. c.4300-3500 BCE
Poulnabrone Portal Tomb, County Clare c.3800-3400 BCE
    Knowth Passage Tomb, County Meath c.3500 BCE  
    Newgrange Passage Tomb, County Meath c.3100 BCE  
Great Pyramid, Giza c.2550 BCE
Stonehenge, England c.2400 BCE
Bronze Age (Ireland c.2000 BCE -c.800 BCE )
Drumskinny Stone Circle, County Fermanagh. c.2000 BCE
Island Wedge Tomb, County Cork. c.1350 BCE
Drombeg Stone Circle, County Cork. c.790 BCE
Iron Age (Ireland c.800 BCE c. 400CE)
Parthenon, Greece 432 BCE
Turoe Cult Stone, County Galway. c. 300-200 BCE
Castlestrange Cult Stone, County Roscommon. c.200 BCE
      The Monastery, Petra, Jordan 100 BCE
Early Medieval ( Ireland c.500-1169 CE)
  Early Christian (Ireland c.400CE-800 CE)  
Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone, County Armagh. c.715 CE
    Gallarus Stone Oratory, County Kerry c. 750 CE  
  Grianan of Aileach, Cashel, County Donegal c.750 CE  
  Viking Era (Ireland c.800-980CE)  
Castledermot Hogback, County Kildare c.950 CE
    Cormac's Chapel, Cashel, County Tipperary. c. 1134 CE  
  Timahoe Round Tower, County Laois c.1150 CE  
      Notre Dame, France 1160 CE
Medieval ( Ireland c.1169-c.1536 CE)
Trim, Norman Castle, County Meath c.1176 CE
    Clonfert Romanesque Cathedral, Galway. c.1180 CE  
Hore Abbey, County Tipperary. c.1266 CE
      Machu Picchu, Peru 1400 CE
St Mary's Abbey, Devenish Island, Fermanagh. c.1449 CE
Parke's Castle, County Leitrim c.1628 CE