Clare Island

Cross inscribed pillar/Standing stone

Standing in the graveyard at St Brigid's Abbey, Clare Island, is an impressive 3.5 metre tall cross-inscribed pillar stone. We know, from old photographs, that the pillar stone has been moved from it's original position, closer to the abbey. It is possible it may have been a Bronze age standing stone, marking a burial site, that was later christianised. The east face bears an almost full length, latin cross. In the field to the north of the abbey is a holy well and a wall monument. The rain was quite heavy during my short visit, hopefully I will return to the island sometime soon to visit the well.

Situated: The pillar stone and abbey are in Strake townland on the south coast of the island. From the pier head west along the coast road. The ferry to Clare Island sails from Roonagh Quay west of Louisburgh.

Discovery Map 37: L 6897 8447. Last visit Jun 2017.

Longitude: 9° 59' 19" W

Latitude: 53° 47' 36" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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