Round Tower

The round tower at Clones would have originally stood at almost 23 metres in height, including the conical cap, which is now sadly missing. The tower was built from sandstone and looks as though it may have been an early tower probably built around the 10 century. There were four storeys including the bell storey. There is a single window on each storey in the drum except for the bell-storey which had the usual four windows, one at each cardinal points on the compass. In Irish the round towers are known as Cloigteach literally meaning bell house. Also in St Tierney's graveyard are some interesting grave slabs and the wonderful tomb shrine of St Tighernach (Tierney).

Situated:Very easy. Heading into Clones on the N54 from Butlersbridge keep watch for the round tower on your right. When you see the tower turn right down Abbey Street. Park here and walk through a gate into the Graveyard.

Discovery Map 27, 28A: H 501 257. Last visit Sept 2010.

Longitude: 7° 13' 59" W

Latitude: 54° 10' 40" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Approx date: 10th Century

Dimensions: Height 23 m. Diameter: 4.5 m

Door: Above ground 2.12m. Type: Lintelled.

Windows: Five. All lintelled.

Features: None

Cap: Missing

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