High Crosses

There are two high crosses remaining at the site of the Clonmore monastery. One of them, St Mogue's Cross, is on the north side of the road and the other cross is in the graveyard on the south side. The head of the 'East Cross' is standing amongst some Early Christian slabs, in a paved area at the west end of the graveyard. The granite head has an imperforate ring and bears a raised circle with a small cross carved inside the circle, on each face. The head has been placed upside down, probably because it was broken, where it was attached to the shaft. The broken shaft, pictured below, stands between the grave markers to the east of the cross head.

The 1.87 metre high granite shaft is standing in, what appears to be, the original base. Lying next to the shaft is the broken architectural fragment, pictured on the right above. A Mr Richard Stapleton identified this fragment as being part of the broken shaft and the curved part of the fragment as the missing piece of the cross head in the paved area. Harbison catalogued 35 antiquities at Clonmore. The cross head is numbered 26 and the shaft and fragment are numbered 12 and 13. St Mogue's cross is number 32.

St Mogue's Cross/The Mission Cross

The St Mogues Cross stands on the grounds of the Clonmore Church of Ireland Church. The head can be seen from the roadway peering over the wall. It is a plain granite cross with an imperforate ring. The cross is standing in a square granite base and leans to the west. This type of cross is also known as a solid-wheel cross, there a number of similar wheeled crosses throughout Carlow, Wexford and Wicklow, see Aghowle and Burgage More in Wicklow, Nurney in Carlow and Ferns and Taghmon in Wexford. An unusual feature of the Clonmore Crosses is their orientation, both are orientated North-South, crosses are usually orientated East-West.

Situated: They crosses are located in the centre of Clonmore Village. The graveyard is situated directly south of Clonmore C of I Church.

Discovery Map: 62 S 9635 7612. Last visit Apr 2019.

Longitude:  6° 34' 13" W. St Mogue's Cross

Latitude: 52° 49' 39" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey

Ref: Harbison, Peter. “Early Christian Antiquities at Clonmore, Co. Carlow.” Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, vol. 91C, 1991, pp. 177–200. JSTOR,

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