Ogham Stone

The Ogham stone standing in in the graveyard at Cloonmorris was discovered in 1908 and in 1978 was moved to its present position, during this move the stone was inverted. The inscription is fading and some of the letters were defaced. All that can be now read is the name of the person commemorated


The light was not favourable on this visit so the letters are not clearly visible.

Situated: Standing on a pedestal just inside the entrance to Cloonmorris Church. From Longford take the N4 North to Newtown Forbes go through the town and after about 3 miles you should see a right turn for Cloonmorris (sign-posted) drive down this road for 1/2 mile and the church is stuated on the right hand side.

Discovery Map 33: N 0825 8527. Last visit Dec 03.

Longitude: 7° 52' 29" W

Latitude: 53° 49' 1" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey

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