Coolhull Castle

Fortified House

There are no historical references to a castle at Coolhull, but the building probably dates to the late 16th century. There is a reference to a Nicholas Devereux who owned a total of 240 acres in and around the Coolhull area in 1640. I dropped by this site in 2015 and found the entire south wall behind scaffolding. Although I was delighted to see preservation work being carried out, I was slightly disappointed I could not gain access to the site. On a return trip in 2016 most of the scaffolding had been removed from the building and access was still restricted. I will definitely call back when the preservation work is complete.



The castle consists of a rectangular three storey house with a four storey entrance tower offset at the southwest corner. There is a bartizan at the northeast corner. Both sections of the building have good irish crenellations. The doorway, which is situated in the north wall of the tower, is protected by a machicolation. There is no evidence of a bawn. Pictured above are a few examples of windows featured in the south wall. I hope to get some images of the doorway and interior on my next visit.

Situated: From Duncormick head west on the R736 for about 3.7 kilometres. Take a left turn opposite the farm buildings on your right. The castle is 150 metres down here on your right.

Discovery Map 77: S 8850 0994. Last visit June 2016.

Longitude: 6° 42' 16" W

Latitude: 52° 14' 3" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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