Court Tomb

Creggandevesky court tomb is situated on a hillock by the side of Lough Mallon, dating to around 3,500 BC the tomb has a trapezoidal stone cairn over eighteen metres long. A dry stone revetment can clearly be seen along the sides of the cairn. The tomb has a three chambered gallery and at the South eastern end of the cairn is a semi-circular court.

The image above shows the court from the south-east and the portal to the gallery with its massive lintel. The picture below was taken from the north west looking along the gallery towards the entrance and lintel. The tomb not known to be a court tomb until it was excavated in 1979-82 as it was mostly covered in peat, what lay under the peat was this fine monument.

Situated: From Dungannon take the B43 west to Pomeroy, drive straight through here and after 1 kilometre take a left for Creggan, after approx 3 kilometres you will see a lake on your left hand side this is Lough Mallon, take the next left after the lake and then turn left again and follow the track to the very end, the tomb can be seen at the top of the field on your left.

Google Map.

Discoverer Map 13: H 6453 7503. Last visit Jul 07.

Longitude: 7° 0' 3" W

Latitude: 54° 37' 10" N

Photo: Jim Dempsey.

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