Portal Tomb

At a glance you would think this dolmen was part of someone's idea of a rockery in their front garden, sadly this portal tomb is treated more of a curiosity than the splendid megalith it once was. The capstone has slipped, this I believe is due to a calf becoming trapped in the chamber and a side stone being removed to free it, although the side stone was replaced the capstone was not replaced in the original position, and one of the side stones lies inside the chamber.

Situated: From Bellanagh Co Cavan take the N 55 south for Granard after 7 kilometres take a right turn for Drumhawnagh the tomb is 2 kilometres up this road on the right just passed the post office.

Google Map.

Discovery Map 34: N 3496 9251. Last visit April 2003.

Longitude: 7° 28' 6" W

Latitude: 53° 52' 51" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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