Dun Ruadh

The best way to describe this site is that it is a ring cairn with a stone circle inside the ring. On my first visit the people who farm the land were very helpful and escorted me up to the cairn on what I can only describe as a really horrible day and I would like to say thank you. On my last visit the weather was much drier.

The cairn is around 30 metres long and contained 13 small burial tombs amongst the stones. Below is a photo of one of these tombs, known as a cist. The stone circle is made up of seventeen orthostats that were originally linked by dry-stone walling. There is an open entrance to the cairn at the south west. If you do visit this site in the winter, you will need a good pair of wellingtons boots.


Situated: Behind a farmhouse in the Townland of Crouck. From Cookstown take the A 505 West for about 12 kilometres then take a right for Teebane at the T-Junction take a left after about 4 kilometres you will come to Crouck Bridge after another kilometre you will see a white farmhouse with a long driveway, in a field to your right the cairn is in the fields up above the farmhouse.

Google Map.

Discovery Map 13: H 6227 8455. Last visit June 2006.

Longitude: 7° 2' 2" W

Latitude: 54° 42' 18" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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