Glebe Standing Stone

There is no archeological evidence of where the historic town of Edermine once stood, but from records we know of its connection to the sons of William Marshall. In the southwest corner of the old graveyard at Edermine stands a much earlier monument. The small, granite standing stone, is only 0.7 metres high, but quite easy to find. Old graveyards are always a good place to find standing stones, there are numerous examples all around the country, some more stones in Wexford can be found at the Eardownes Great and Monamolin graveyards.

Situated: Take the M11 south to the N11 Roundabout. Turn right back up the old N11 and take the 3rd right turn (signposted Glenteige) then take the first left. The graveyard is on your left 100 meters down this road.

Discovery Map 69. S 9843 3456. Last visit July 2019.

Longitude: 6° 33' 7" W

Latitude: 52° 27' 13" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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