AAKA The Flagstone of the Soles of the Feet

This large earthfast slab lies to the south east of the enclosure surrounding the church at station 5. There is an equal-armed cross with expanded terminals inscribed within a circle. The terminals extend beyond the circle. Unfortunately we were unable to shoot good images of the decoration on this trip. The pilgrims would stand on the stone facing towards the west and make three wishes. There is no Turas sign 6 at this stone, it has been moved next to St Colmcille's Chair, which is the next place on our journey around the turas at Gleanncholmcille.

Situated: From the church at station 5 head east towards the valley. Go past the two cains towards the edge of the hill and look down the slope. Station six can be seen on the side of the hill.

Google Map.

Discovery Map 10. G 5242 8580. Last visit Sept 2010.

Longitude: 8° 44' 18" W

Latitude: 54° 43' 5" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey

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