Photos: Jim Dempsey


Standing Stone

Standing at 1.83 metres high the impressive standing stone at Glencullen is certainly the biggest block of quartz I have seen to date. As the sun hits the quartz the light just radiates out from this really handsome stone. Known locally as 'Queen Mab' the stone is believed to be one of two stones used by Vikings to play a game of rings. There is now no trace of the other stone. There are quite a few sites of interest close by including the wedge tomb at Ballyedmonduff. Access to the stone is quite easy.

Situated: From the M50 take exit 15 to Kiltiernan then take the Glencullen road, turn left onto Barrack Road at Johnny Fox's Pub, The stone can be seen in the field to your left just past the first gate. The stone stands on a par three golf course.

Discovery Map 50: O 1905 2030. Last Visit Feb 2008

Longitude: 6° 13' 3" W

Latitude: 53° 13' 11" N

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