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Known as the Boho High Cross the shaft of a cross now stands in Toneel graveyard behind the Sacred Heart Church in North Toneel just North of Boho. Standing at a height of 2.5 metres the sandstone cross is decorated on the east and west faces with figure sculpture. At the bottom of east face there is an ornamental panel with an inscription immediately above it. Just above the inscription is a panel depicting the Fall of Man, The iconography displays Eve with an outstretched right hand towards Adam standing under an apple tree that has a serpent entwined around it. On the western face of the shaft, pictured below right, there two more iconographic panels. The top panel is possibly a depiction of the Baptism of Christ, Harbison suggests the second panel may feature Zacharias with Elizabeth holding an infant John the Baptist.

There are holes in the narrow north and south sides of the shaft which may of held struts to give support to the arms of the head, similar to the high cross at Cashel. The cross had developed a slight tilt and amid fears that it may topple over a small excavation took place in during 2002. This excavation concluded that the cross had probably been re-erected at this location during major work that took place in the graveyard in the early 19th century.

The Fall of Man

South face

Situated: In the Toneel graveyard Toneel North, behind the Roman Catholic Sacred Heart Church. From Enniskillen take the A4 west then take a right for turn for Boho (sign posted). Follow the signs for Boho Churches.

Group: Ulster

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Discovery Map 17: H 1163 4623. Last Visit: Apr 07.

Longitude: 7° 49' 16" W

Latitude: 54° 21' 52" N

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