13th/14th century graveslabs

A group of medieval graveslabs are named after the place where, archaeologist Christiaan Corlett, first recognised them, Hollywood, County Wicklow. He identified the granite graveslabs numbers 1-3 as belonging to the same distinctive group. After further research, Christiaan discovered similar graveslabs in an area stretching from South Dublin into Kildare, West Wicklow and Carlow. Approximately 50 graveslabs have now been identified as belonging to this group. These include slabs numbered 4 and 5, which were discovered on a later visit to Hollywood.

The largest number can be found at Ballymore Eustace. It is believed, from the length and style of the incised cross, they were probably all recumbent slabs, see Donard, but almost all of them are now in an upright position, having been reused as grave markers. This particular type of slab is believed to belong to the 13th, early 14th century, and can be found at around 18 different locations. Most of the sites are recognised as Anglo-Norman settlements. Hollywood medieval graveslab No 5 is pictured above.

Hollywood medieval graveslab No 1.

Hollywood medieval graveslab No 2.

Hollywood medieval graveslab No 3

Situated: From Blessington head south on the N81 for about 10 kilometres. Then turn left at the garage on to the R758. Drive by the village up the hill and take the first left after St Kevin's C of I. Park at the gate. Slabs 1-2 are NW of the church and 3-5 are on the slope to the south side.

Discovery Map 56: N 9409 0545. last visit Apr 2019.

Longitude : 6° 35' 43" W Car park.

Latitude: 53° 5' 29" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Hollywood medieval graveslab No 4.

Ref: Corlett, Christiaan. “The Hollywood Slabs: Some Late Medieval Grave Slabs from West Wicklow and Neighbouring Counties.” The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, vol. 133, 2003, pp. 86–110. JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/25509110.

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