Access to the smaller enclosure is via this stile. You can just see Templenaman in the background.


Reilig Ódhráin / Odráin's Cemetery

This site is comprised of two enclosures with a leacht inside each of them. There is evidence that the large enclosure was used as a graveyard. It has been suggested that this may have been the original lay cemetery. A total of four cross slabs and one beautiful cross inscribed pillar were located at the site but these have all been removed to the old schoolhouse for safe keeping. I wish the O.P.W. would place replicas of the slabs in the original positions as some of the character and beauty of the site is missing without them. The leacht in the top image was reconstructed and moved slightly inland during excavations in 2000, the cliff-edge had been eroding. The southern side of both enclosures is open, but again this may have been caused by erosion or storm damage.

Situated: Relickoran is located behind a house on the eastern side of the track leading up to Templenaman.

Discovery Map 16: G 5736 5374. Last visit June 2012.

Longitude: 8° 39' 25" W

Latitude: 54° 25' 49" Nt

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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