Norman Motte

The motte and bailey castle at Inistioge was built by the Anglo-Norman knight Thomas Fitzanthony. He also built Grennan Castle on the banks of the Nore River in Thomastown, that town is named after him. The motte in Inistioge was built in a commanding position overlooking the ford across the river below. There is no access to the motte at the present time. I walked all around the village to see if it was possible, but it is surrounded by private gardens. The best view of the motte is from the track that leads to St Columcille's Well on the north side of town.

Situated: The motte in located on the top of the hill overlooking the village. There is no access to the motte. The best view is from the path leading to the holy well.

Discovery Map 67: S 6335 3783. Last visit Feb 2019.

Longitude: 7° 4' 2" W

Latitude: 52° 29' 18" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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