Kilcarn and Follistown Fonts, Bective Cloister Fragment

This stunning font was moved from Kilcarn Church to Dublin for the Great Exhibition in 1853. From there it may have been moved to it's present location in the Church of the Nativity, Johnstown. Known as the Apostle font this rare dodecagonal, 12 sided, shaped font sits on a short 12 sided column. Each panel is carved as an ogee-headed niche with foliate decoration. Ten of the niches feature a single apostle, another has two apostles seated together and the final niche features the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin by her son. Only a few of the apostle carvings are identifiable. The foliate columns between each niche are supported, corbel wise, by carvings of bestiary and figures. The Apostle font was dated by Helen Roe to the late 15th, possibly early 16th century.

St John, St Peter, the Coronation of the Virgin Mary, St Paul

St Thomas?, unknown, unknown


St Andrew, St James the Great and St John

In the grounds of the church is an octagonal font, pictured above left, that was taken from the the old manor chapel of Follistown in 1852. It has chamfered under panels, and stands on an octagonal shaft that features roll moulding around the middle. Pictured above right is a pier taken from the cloister arcade at Bective abbey. It is built into the east wall of the church tower.

Beaver with head between it's legs and Lion?

Situated: From Navan take the R156 east for about 4 kilometres. Then turn right at the crossroads (sign-posted). The Church of the Nativity is 1.2 kilometres down here on your right, in the centre of the village.

Discovery Map 42: N 8939 6600. Last visit May 2017.

Longitude: 6° 38' 54" W.

Latitude: 53° 38' 10" N.

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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