Kearney's Castle

15th Century Tower house

Kearney's Castle is a late 15th century tower house standing on the east side of the main street in Cashel. The tower house was modified in c.1600 and again in about 1990. It is a five storey building with two caphouses, running from west to east. The castle is also known as Quirke's Castle. It was held by the Kearney family in the 17th century. Thomas Kearney was Alderman of Cashel in 1640. Lord Inchiquin, the Irish Protestant commander, is believed to have used the castle as a base, in the Sack of Cashel, during the confederate wars. Father John Kearney, a member of the Gaelic family, was hanged within the castle in 1652.

Looking south

Loop in the south wall

The castle was operating as a hotel in recent times, hence the modifications to the main entrance and the windows. There are still some really interesting features present. High on the west and south walls are a number of drainage spouts, the three on the west wall, above the arched window, are gargoyles, see image below. Pictured above is one of the simple loops in the south wall. Another feature is the pronounced batter at the base of the castle, best viewed in the alleyway on the southside of the tower house.

The SW corner of the castle has a large stone inserted. There are a number of similar smaller stones in the alleyway, these are known as 'Jostle Stones'. These stones were placed on the corners of building in the nineteenth century to protect them from the jostling wheels of carts and traps.

Situated: Very easy, on the east side of Main Street, Cashel, opposite the tourist office.

Discovery Map 66: S 0763 4059. Last visit Aug 2019.

Longitude: 7° 53' 15" W

Latitude: 52° 31' 0" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.