AKA Brownshill Portal Tomb

This Portal Tomb has the largest capstone of any megalithic monument in Ireland. It weights over 100 tons and measures 6.1x 4.7 metres. It is believed it was part of an even larger boulder. The megalithic tomb can actually be seen from the road and does not look that impressive, but as you approach the dolmen the enormity of this structure almost takes your breath away. The structure belongs to the late stone age, around 2500 BCE.

The monument is facing east. The capstone is resting on two portal stones and the rectangular doorstone that is situated between the portal stones, best seen in the black and white image below. The large leaning orthostat, to the right of the north portal, may have been part of a facade. There are several portal tombs in Ireland with the remains of a facade.

Tourists for scale

The front of the tomb

Viewed from the northside

Situated: Two miles east of Carlow, on the Hacketstown Road in Kernanstown, this site is well signposted with easy public access and ample car-parking.

Discovery Map 61: S 745 768. Last visit March 2011.

Longitude: 6° 53' 39.70" W

Latitude:  52° 50' 13.43" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey and Deb Snelson.

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