Hollywood graveslab

In the western section of Manor Kilbride old graveyard stands a 13th century granite graveslab. It belongs to a group of slabs known as 'the Hollywood slabs' I wandered around the graveyard several times before I spotted the 72cm high slab. I had been looking right at it on my first walk around but had dismissed it, I was not expecting to see a modern plaque attached to it. The arms and shaft of a cross extend the full width and height of the slab. Similar to other slabs in this group, it has been reused as a gravemarker, and erected upside down. The letters E and N were inscribed on the cross later. The main cross may be buried in the ground. See Hollywood slabs.

Situated: Manor Kilbride is situated about 8.5 kilometres north east of Blessington. Take the N71 north from Blessington for 6.5 kilometres. Turn right onto R 759 after about 2kilometres turn left. The graveyard is about 400 metres down here, on your right.

Discovery Map 56: O 0262 1757. last visit May 2019.

Longitude : 6° 27' 51" W

Latitude: 53° 11' 55" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

West face

Ref: Corlett, Christiaan. “The Hollywood Slabs: Some Late Medieval Grave Slabs from West Wicklow and Neighbouring Counties.” The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, vol. 133, 2003, pp. 86–110. JSTOR,

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