High Cross

Located in an old graveyard in Kilbroney County Down, Northern Ireland, this badly weathered granite cross stands at 2.50 metres high. The West face, pictured left is covered with fret patterns, the Kilbroney Cross is noted for the appearance of a lozenge symbol filled with key ornament in low relief at the centre of the cross- head, I will try to get better images of these patterns on my next visit.

Also located in the graveyard near the high cross is a small granite face cross pictured below, standing at one metre high this cross is surrounded by shrubbery and almost hidden from view. The cross probably represents a figure, similar to the crosses on Caher Island and Skellig Michael. The bottom image shows the remains of St Brunos, a fifteenth century chapel which is also located in this beautifully situated graveyard. Also present is St Bridgit's Well. If you are in this location then may I suggest you take the time to visit this graveyard.

Situated: North east of Rosstrevor on the eastern side of the B25 lies old St Bruno's catholic church and graveyard. The two crosses, the old church and the holy well are all situated here.

Discovery Map 36: J 1874 1955. Last visit March 2005.

Longitude: 6° 11' 3" W

Latitude: 54° 6' 40" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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