Portal Tomb

This collapsed portal tomb is beautifully situated in a hollow just 10 metres north of a babbling stream. I was really excited by my first glimpse of the tomb but as I approached I could see the large 3.9 metre long capstone appears to have slipped off the portal stones. All the stones that make up the chamber have collapsed and the front of the capstone rests on just one stone. I believe this would have been a really nice portal tomb before it fell. It is marked on old OS maps as Cloghabrona or Druid's Altar. Please check to make sure there is no bull present before entering the field.

The collapsed chamber

Situated: From Bagnelstown head south on the R 705 for 4 kilometres. Then take a right for Goresbridge. Then 1.3 K, keep right. After 900 metres turn left. The road turns left then right. Walk through the gate at the right turn.

Discovery Map 68: S 7011 5521. Last visit May 2014.

Longitude: 6° 57' 51" W

Latitude: 52° 38' 37" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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