Portal Tomb, AKA The Crawtree Stone

I have been meaning to visit this tomb for quite a while now, although I have driven through Kilkeel on many occasions I never actually stopped until today. From the images shown you would be right to think this rather quaint tomb was situated in a rural area, but in fact it is situated in the the town centre just 150 metres from the main street. A banked lane way with a hedgerow runs from the main street up to Cromlech park. Located in the middle of the southern bank in this lovely portal tomb.

The monument stands at about two metres high and faces south. The front of the tomb is in the field and the rear in the lane way. You can see the matching portal stones in the image below and just make out the fallen door-stone. From the the lane way the rear of the tomb looks like a giant tortoise scampering it's way through the hedgerow.


Situated: In the centre of Kilkeel, County Down. Heading North through the town turn left at the Asda supermarket on your left. Park up here and walk straight up the track between the hedgerows. The portal tomb is 100 metres up this lane on your left.

Discovery Map 29: J 3069 1489. Last visit Jan 2008.

Longitude: 6° 0' 13" W

Latitude: 54° 3' 59" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.


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