The megalithic complex at Killadangan is situated on a salt marsh on the southern shore of Clew Bay, about 5km west from Westport and 2km east of Murrisk. The complex is comprised of an earthen enclosure, a stone row, three standing stones, a possible stone circle and a fulacht fia. Croagh Patrick is visible in the background of the image above.

The row aligned with the niche in the background


Stone Row

The stone row consists of four stones aligned NNE-SSW. The stones increase in height from the 0.45 metre high stone at the northern end to the 1.2 metre high stone at the south. The stones are in alignment with a small niche in the eastern shoulder of Croagh Patrick. At 1:45 on 21st December (Winter Solstice) the sun sets in this small niche. You can see the niche in the rock in the image left. There is a fifth prostrate stone nearby. It has been suggested this may have been part of the row. The row stands in the western quadrant of the earthen enclosure.


Stone Pair

About 50 metres southwest of the stone row stands a stone pair. The northern stone pictured top right stands 1.3 metres high by 0.8 metres wide and the long axis is in line with the same niche as the row. The southern stone is a rounded boulder standing only 0.4 high and is almost a metre wide. It's long axis also lines up with the niche. West of the Pair and southwest of the row is a roughly circular arrangement of small stones. These may be part of a disturbed stone circle.


Standing Stone (S)

The three standing stones are randomly spread around the site. The furthest south is the first megalith you see as you enter the complex and turn west. This stone, pictured right, stands 1.4 metres high and is 1.1 metres wide. Located to the west of this stone is a mound that is probably the remains of a fulacht fia. I was surprised how dry the ground was on my visit. Because of the location the ground is often quite boggy and almost impossible to access.


Standing Stone (W)

The most western of the standing stones, pictured left, is 90 metres WSW of the row and stands 1.55 metres high and 0.8 metres wide.

Standing Stone (N)

The third standing stone, pictured below, is the most northerly and lies to the west of the row. It stands 1.35 metres high and is 1.05 metres wide.

Situated: From Westport head west on the N59. After about 350 metres turn left onto the R335. Killadagan is 5.5 kilometres down this road on your left. It is signposted Number 5 on the Clew Bay Archaeological Trail.

Discovery Map 31: L 9438 8255 Last visit June 2014.

Longitude: 9° 36' 9" W

Latitude: 53° 46' 54" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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