Romanesque Church

Although very little remains of the medieval church at Kilteel the site is still very rewarding if you visit. Inside the church ruins are the remains of a romanesque chancel arch that has been partially reconstructed. This is the only romanesque chancel arch in Ireland bearing figure sculpture. Probably the most striking feature is the figures carved on the capitals, these can be seen in the image above and also in the image shown left. The southern capital bears two heads with there beards and hair intricately entwined.

There are a number of figures carved on the two columns, amongst them is a fine depiction of Adam and Eve, there is another scene with two figures entwined, which I presume are two beard pullers, plus a figure representing David carrying the head of Goliath on a stick. The image below shows two soldiers wrestling ? but my favourite sculpture is still the figures that appear on the capitals.
There are also a number of other interesting antiquities at this site including the bullaun stone shown below , this lies on the floor of the church and leaning against one of the walls is a cross slab. Not too far from the Church at Kilteel is the fifteenth century Kilteel Castle. Also nearby is a granite cross.

Situated: From Dublin take the N7 and then the Kilteel exit, after 2K keep right at the fork then take a right at the crossroads. Take the next left turn and the remains of the Church can be seen in the field to your right just after the bridge.


Discovery Map 50: N 986 212. Last visit February 2007.

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.


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