Kiltuck Cross

Fassaroe Cross

There are a number of 12th century crosses located in the Rathdown area of Dublin known as the Fassaroe Crosses. These crosses are generally quite small with a wheel shaped head bearing a crucifixion scene in false relief. It has been suggested that these crosses may have been carved by the same stonemason and that they are similar to some of the early crosses in Cornwall, England. The history of the Kiltuck cross is intertwined with that of the Rathmichael cross and indeed they have often been mistaken for each other. Originally located at the ruined church at Shanganagh Demense,the cross now stands to the front of St Anne's church in Shankill. The western face bears a crucifixion and the east bears a carved head seen in the image below.

There are four other crosses in the Fassaroe group, St Valery's Fassaroe from which the group gets it's name, the Rathmichael cross, a cross at Killegar and the granite cross in Blackrock.

Situated: From the M50 take the Bray exit and at the roundabout turn left for Shankill, drive north to the large roundabout with St Anne's facing you. Approximately 1.4 kilometres. The cross is located towards the front of the church on the eastern side.

Discovery Map: O 2527 2202. Last visit Mar 2008

Longitude: 6° 7' 25" W

Latitude: 53° 14' 2" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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