Standing Stones

In a field to the west of Knappoge Castle are three strange looking standing stones. The weathered limestone give the stones a rather knobbly appearance. The Archaeological database have these stones listed as a row but the stones actually form a triangle. The stones vary in height from 1.8 to two metres. The stone pictured below may have been taller as it appears to have a broken piece lying next to it. It has been suggested that these stones may have been part of a large avenue. In the same field 200 metres west is another stone and on the castle grounds are another two standing stones. A lovely place to wander around.

Situated: Very Easy. These standing stones are located in the field to the northwest of Knappoge Castle entrance.. From Quin head south on the R469 for 3.6 kilometres.

Discovery Map 58: R 4417 7194. Last visit April 2012.

Longitude: 8° 49' 40"  W

Latitude: 52° 47' 44" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey and Deb Snelson.

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