Knockgraffon Castle

Tower House

My first sight of Knockgraffon Tower house was from the top of the nearby motte, it appeared to be in excellent condition. A closer inspection told a different story. I was unable to find anyone to grant me permission to enter the field in which the castle stands, but from the road I could see the castle was in a sad state of repair. It had four storeys, with gables at the SE and NW walls and round bartizans at the north and south angles. The castle was entered through a pointed doorway in the SE wall, which was defended with a machicolation.

This early 17th century tower house was modified in the 18th century, when most of the windows were broken out and enlarged. Judging by the large holes in the SE and NW walls I presume these later window frames were removed and used elsewhere. A Civil Survey taken in the middle of the 17th century shows Knockgraffon was in the proprietorship of a number of people. These included James Earl of Ormond, Sir William Fenton of Michelstown and Richard Butler of Ballynakill.

Situated: From Knockgraffon motte head north passed Knockgraffon Church, the Castle can be seen in a field on your right about a kilometre from the motte.

Discovery Map 74: S 0482 2952. Last Visit: June 2015.

Longitude: 7° 55' 45" W

Latitude: 52° 25' 2" N

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Pics Jim Dempsey.

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