Knocknarea North

Passage Tomb

This small passage tomb lies about 150 metres north of the main cairn on Knocknarea. Very little remains of the chamber just a large slab and a few other stones in situ. Although the mound is quite low it is still very easy to make out the original extent of the cairn. Between this tomb and Queen Medb's cairn are the remains of a stone circle. The mountain was obviously very sacred to the tomb builders-there are the remains of at least five other passage tombs lying to the south of the main cairn. The best of these is the passage tomb at Knocknarea south.

Situated: About 150 metres north of Queen Medb's Cairn on the summit of Knocknarea mountain.


Google Map

Discovery Map 16: G 626 347. Last visit Sept 2010.


Photos: Jim Dempsey.


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