Tower House

The 16th century tower house at Lisronagh is built on the site of an earlier one. The early castle was destroyed by Edmund Fitz Piers Butler of Dunboyne. The Ormond Deeds record a Grant by Richard Howet to Piers, Earl of Ossory, of the castle of Lisronagh.(June 25, 1530). Piers Butler had the title 8th Earl of Ormond restored to him in 1538. The Butler built castle and manor were in the possession of Ellyn Butler, late Countess Dowager of Ormond and the Earl of Ormond, in 1664. We know from an ordnance survey record, taken in 1840, the tower house was occupied at that time.

Ground floor from the east

Doorway in the north wall

At first glance a breech in the east wall gives the impression of a doorway, but the doorway is actually in the north wall, facing the church. At the top of the north wall the corbel stones that supported the machicolation are still present, see image below. The doorway was also protected with a murder-hole. A mural stair to the right of the entrance leads to the upper floor. A garderobe shute can be seen at the bottom right of the west wall, pictured above. The battlements are now missing. A lot of the window openings have been robbed out, but there are some nice corner slits in the south east angle.

Window in the south wall

Two-light window

The corbel stones of the machicolation.

Situated: From Clonmel take the R689 northwards for 7.5K. The tower house is next to the old parish church.

Discovery Map 74: S 2021 2940. Last visit Aug 2019.

Longitude: 7° 42' 10" W

Latitude: 52° 24' 57" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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