Bullaun Stones

There are two bullaun stones located at each corner of the east gable of St Ruadhan's R.C. church in Lorrha. The stone, pictured below, situated at the northeast corner is a conglomerate boulder. It has a single steep-sided central bullaun measuring (dims. 0.58m x 0.42m x 0.25m D)..

The second bullaun stone, pictured below, is situated at the the southeast corner. It is also a conglomerate boulder with a single bullaun. The off centre bullaun measures (dims. 0.3m x 0.27m x 0.17m D).

Bullaun stone at the northeast corner

Situated: At the north and south corners of the east gable of St Ruadhan's R. C. church at the south west of the town.

Discovery Map 53: M 9155 0451. Last visit July 2016.

Longitude: 8° 7' 34" W

Latitude: 53° 5' 28" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Bullaun stone at the southeast corner

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