Ogham Stones

At Lugnagappul in a field known as Pairc na Fola, where an ancient battle took place, is a small cairn called Cnoc na Fola, 'hill of Blood' which is said to be the burial place of those killed in the battle. There are a number of standing stones around the perimeter of the cairn, two of which bear ogham inscriptions.


The most northerly of these two stones pictured right, is a pulvinar standing at 0.8 metres high and 1.3 metres in circumference this Ogham stone bears the inscription,


The ogham stone immediately South of this stone is also a pulvinar but looks like a standing stone from the North as the stone has been split longitudinally, pictured below, from the South side the inscription reads,


This stone is 0.8 metres in height, 0.45 metres wide and 0.24 metres thick.


Situated: From Dingle head East on the N86 after 9 kilometres take a right turn for Minard after approx 1 kilometre you will come to a gate on your left, the cairn can be seen from here just to the right of the gate.


Discovery Map 70: Q 5412 00435 Last visit Sept 2003.

Longitude:  10° 7' 51" W

Latitude:  52° 8' 9" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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