Stone Circle

As I traveled north on the road from Reanascreena to Dunmanway, I knew there was a stone circle on the eastern side, suddenly I caught a glimpse of the stones about two fields to my right., after a quick check of the map I turned back and took the next left. This track brought me passed a house with many barking dogs and down to a farm yard with four more dogs letting me know I was not that welcome, after knocking at the farm for a while I gave up trying to find anyone and decided to walk up the track on the left to the circle. The track took me up about 400 metres till I could see the top of the stones in the next field. I could not reach the circle from here as the field boundary had double electric fencing, so I climbed over a gate to my left ducked under an electric wire and walked along to a gap where I could see the circle, more double fencing plus another electric fence in front of it stopped my progress.

I was really impressed with the remains of the circle and actually loved the location of this site., it is such a pity I could not get closer to the stones. There are six stones remaining including a low flat recumbent stone and one of the portal stones shown extreme right in the top image. Lying towards the centre of the circle is a huge chunk of quartz. If you do visit your best approach may be from the road.

A pic of the stone circle, taken by Marion Jackson, in December 2019. It is a pity the electric fence, seen in the foreground, does not enclose the circle to protect it from farm stock. Marion was quite saddened to see this wonderful heritage site in such a sad state. We can do little about the rain, but we can and should protect them in other ways.

Situated: From Ross Carbery take the N71 west to Connonagh, then turn north to Reanascreena, after 2k keep left at the fork and after a further 2 1/2k keep sharp left at the next fork. Approximately 1k up here the circle can be seen in the fields to your right.

Discovery Map 89: W 2629 4426. Last visit May 2007.

Longitude: 9° 3' 54" W

Latitude: 51° 38' 46" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

View from the road

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