Nurney High Cross

High Cross and Cross head

This high cross is located on farmland, immediately north of the late 18th century, St John's Church of Ireland. The granite cross stands 1.88 metres high is set in a large pyramidal base. It has a solid ring with rope mouldings around the edges and bears a single raised boss in the centre of the head. These images were taken from the churchyard to the south of the cross and therefore only show the south face of the cross. I was unable to locate the landowner on this trip. The north face is basically a mirror image of the southside.

Also present in the field is a pyramidal base with a socket for another cross. This may have been the base for a cross head situated in the graveyard, see images below. The solid-wheeled cross head stands on the southside of the church. There are slight traces of moulding on the west face but the east face is quite plain. A large number of solid-wheeled crosses are scattered around Carlow and Wicklow, The crosses at Clonmore, Aghowle, Ballymore Eustace and Blessington are superb examples.

West face

East face

Situated: In the field immediately north of St John's Church of Ireland in the centre of the town.

Discovery Map 61: S 7338 6738. Last visit June 2018.

Longitude: 6° 54' 47" W.

Latitude: 52° 45' 9" N. 

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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