Rath Beag

Ring Barrow

One of the most prominent sites at the Rathcroghan complex is the burial mound known as Rathbeag. It is not actually a rath, but an Iron age ring-barrow placed on top of a natural glacial feature. There are two banks running around the central barrow. These give the mound it's distinctive stepped appearance. The image below shows the barrow on top of mound. From the top you can view the main mound at Rathcroghan across the fields to the south . To the west on the opposite side of the road you can see Rathnadarve.

Situated: Very easy. From Tulsk head north and take the first left immediately after Rathcroghan.

Discovery Map 33: M 7970 8417. Last visit Sept 2011.

Longitude: 8° 18' 29" W

Latitude:  53° 48' 24" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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