The preserved embankment

Rath Maeve


The Henge named after Queen Maeve, also spelled Medbh, originally measured approximately 250 metres (750 feet) in diameter. It is appalling to see a huge site like this one, which is obviously connected to Tara neglected in this way. All that remains now is a fairly well preserved embankment near the road leading to Tara, which is 500 metres north of here. Medbh Lethderg (Red-side) was the Goddess of sovereignty at Tara. She was the wife of nine succesive kings.

The remains of the henge can be seen through the trees, viewed from the North East

Situated: From Dublin take the N3 north, about six kilometres after Dunshaughlin take a sign-posted left turn, at the end of this road is a T-Junction the henge is in the field immediately in front at the T-Junction.

Discovery Map 43: N 9223 5838. Last visit March 2005.

Latitude: 53° 34' 2" N.

Longitude: 6° 36' 28" W.

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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