Early cross slab and Holed stone

The latin cross in Rathcoole graveyard has been cut from an early granite graveslab. I thought it was too thick to be a graveslab, but with good light, from the right angle, you can clearly see a cross carved on the east face. The carved latin ringed cross has four hollows at the angles and is circled by two rings. The re-working of the graveslab does not follow the shape of the original carving. Not far from the slab is a holed stone. I have seen this described as a standing stone, but it has the appearance of a badly weathered mill-stone. I have seen quite a few examples of mill-stones re-used as grave markers.

Situated: The cross slab can be located in the graveyard behind the C of I Parish Church, on the main Street that runs through Rathcoole, next to the Health Centre.

Discovery Map 50: O 0245 2683. Last visit Jan 2018.

Longitude: 6° 27' 50" W

Latitude: 53° 16' 55" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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