Wedge tomb

What an enormous tomb this must have been, the wedge tomb at Rathfranpark has a gallery over three metres long and the side walls are two metres apart. Although missing the roof stones this megalith is still very impressive, the walls are made of huge boulders, some of which are 1.8 metres in height and the entrance stones are still visible set just inside the gallery.

Situated: From Ballina go north through Killala, take a right after you cross Palmerstown bridge then drive north along this road for a kilometre, the sign-posted tomb should be visible in the field to your right.

Discovery Map 24: G 1834 3330. Last visit April 2004.

Longitude: 9° 15' 9" W

Latitude: 54° 14' 31" N

Google Map

Photo: Jim Dempsey.

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