Standing stone west

This is one of the three standing stones in Rathgeran. It is approximately 1.5 kilometres west of Rathgeran East, and on the opposite side of the road. This stone is even closer to the road than the eastern stone. From the farm gate it looks like a square block of granite, but on closer inspection it is a really interesting stone. It stands 1.2 metres high x 0.90 metres wide. The 0.60 metres thick stone is concave shaped on the southside and the top slopes down from the west to the east. It is aligned NNE-SSW.

Situated: From Rathgeran standing stone east head west for 1.5 kilometres. The stone can be seen from the road, behind a red farm gate, opposite a tractor yard.

Discovery Map 68: S 7866 4732. Last visit Sept 2017.

Longitude: 6° 50' 23" W

Latitude: 52° 34' 18" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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